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Thinking of getting one of our CMS plans? Here's a few answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You've looked at the CMS, and now you have questions. Great! We've taken the time to answer the most pressing ones below.

  • How much does a website cost?
  • Why do I need a website?
  • What does a website consist of?
  • Who will maintain my site?
  • How long will it take for my website to be completed?
  • What is a domain name and why do I need one?
  • What is hosting and will I need it separately?
  • Can I upgrade if needed?
  • What design options can I choose from?
  • Do you offer other services for my business?


    Q: How much does a website cost?

    A: You’ll find that many web design companies charge upwards of $5,000 or more for a basic 5 page website. Of course, the more complex your site goals are, the more expensive your website will cost to build. But if you're looking to get a professional site design, with today's hottest features, then you want to sign up for one of our Print-ovations CMS Website Plans. You will invest only a small fraction of what most design firms charge, and still get a professional website.

    Q: Why do I need a website?

    A: If you have a business, then you need a website! Having a website allows you to expand your business and product offerings beyond your local or regional community, and reach a global arena of consumers. With a website, you can earn income without lifting a finger, through e-commerce functions. Several million consumers purchase products from the internet each year, and millions more search for services using the internet rather than the phone book.

    Q: What does a website consist of?

    A: Most basic websites consist of a home page, a page about the company, pages for services or products, and a contact page. Each page utilizes a unified theme and color palette. Other components of websites include navigation bars, images, hyperlinks and a feedback form. To achieve success, you should first determine the goal of your website.

    Q: Who will maintain my site?

    A: No one likes to see outdated information on a website. Our CMS system is designed to be easy to use and makes updating your website a painless process. If you'd rather us take care of updates and changes to your site, we do provide a separate website maintenance service agreement.

    Q: How long will it take for my website to be completed?

    A: We work closely with our clients to build the perfect website. Most of our included CMS templates can be customized from an hour to within a few days. Fully customized sites have a longer design and implementation time frame. Of course, project times are contingent on us receiving all required information and images from the client in a timely manner.

    Q: What is a domain name and why do I need one?

    A: A domain name is your website's address. Think of it as the same as your home address. Every website owner must register a domain name with the proper authority. Print-Ovations acts as a registering agent for your domain name. You will be the legal owner of your domain name for as long as you continue to renew the registration. It's like having your own virtual real estate!

    Q: What is hosting and will I need it separately?

    A: Hosting is a term that describes a designated space that holds all your site's files and serves them to your visitor's computer. There's no need to purchase a separate hosting account because the Print-Ovations CMS plans include hosting space to store all your site files, pictures, videos, and other documents.  You'll never have to worry about running out of space for your website. If you ever need additional space, you can upgrade to a bigger plan at any time.

    Q: Can I upgrade if needed?

    A: Yes! Our Print-ovations CMS website plans includes from 10 pages (Basic) up to unlimited (Pro/Premier). Our plans provide enough features to hold all of your company's information, and you can upgrade at any time. With Print-ovations CMS, your website is structured to grow with you!

    Q: What design options can I choose from?

    A: We offer 3 web design options:

    • DIY (Do It Yourself) - If you are on a tight budget, or need a quick solution to get your site up in the least amount of time, you can choose one of the many included templates and modify it on your own. This option is only $149.
    • DIFM (Do It For Me) - The 2nd option is hiring us to add your logo, images and basic text to one of the included CMS system templates of your choice. This popular option is only $499.
    • Custom - For more discriminating clients who want full customization, we offer custom designs that are made from scratch and setup to work with our CMS system. Pricing starts at $1299.
    • Remember, all 3 of our CMS design options fees are in addition to our CMS plans. All designs are optimized to work with our proprietary CMS system.

    Q: Do you offer other services for my business?

      A: Yes! Print-Ovations offers a wide array of graphic design, desktop publication and print services for small business, churches, daycares and more. Request a quote

    If we didn't quite answer your question, contact us and we'll get the answer to you ASAP!
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